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does size really matter?
￿￿ by only6869ubloarod, 2/27/2005
bi men
￿￿ by southeast5, 2/27/2005
sex before marrige
￿￿ by sextour123456789, 2/27/2005
married and looking?
￿￿ by snake2375, 2/27/2005
tips for bikini shaving
￿￿ by 34empressbiscuit, 2/27/2005
i am looking for a member of yours
￿￿ by mikebydarkangel, 2/27/2005
i need help trying to find a girlfriend
￿￿ by blueeyedgirl01, 2/27/2005
help my boobs are to big
￿￿ by fanbelt169, 2/27/2005
why stifle a question's?
￿￿ by justawhisper, 2/27/2005
trouble meeting women for sex
￿￿ by barryray, 2/27/2005
anal for men
￿￿ by sweetheart10284, 2/27/2005
do all women like to have their pussy eaten?
￿￿ by lttowp, 2/27/2005
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part 4, girl on girl: my first time: never judge a swingers' party by its first two hours. and never judge a pussy by its lady-like owner.
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the right stuff on site: we couldn't help noticing this hot cammer couple on the adult friendfinder web cam circuit. they've got the art of web camming down, and their inbox is bursting. check them out.
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where the toys are: our members have been asking for tips on toys. well, here's a couple more to add a pinch of kinky spice to your erotic foreplay.
advice view archives
foreplay by number: if men can orgasm from arousal in 8 minutes, while it takes women 20, what's a guy to do to while away the minutes until blast-off?
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paying for it (behind the scenes): meet our new reviewer of sex-related everythings, greta christina! in this interview, ms. christina talks about the sex workers who contributed to her anthology paying for it. be sure to look for her first bi-monthly review -- next week -- of peter gorman's photo book, stripped naked.
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Getting a Charge out of Sex
People are fond of saying things like "the sex was electrifying" and towards the end of the twentieth century, sex aficionados started taking this saying literally. They started by using those passive exercise devices designed to give a jolt to the muscles. The theory went that since muscles are operated by small electrical pulses, all you have to do is deliver these pulses to the muscles artificially, and over a relatively short period of time, the muscle will think its just had a good workout. Easy toning. Painless bulking. And from the 1950s people began "working out" with devices that delivered electrical charges to the muscle, based on this theory.

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