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We have been of AFF for 4 months now and have been fortunate to meet several very nice couples. We have recently met a couple who we feel will be long-term friends with really great benefits! We were on AFF for a couple of months last fall also and met a great couple then, too! Even though that relationship did not work out, we still consider ourselves fortunate to meet such wonderful people. Thank you AFF for helping us add excitement to our 23-year marriage and making it possible to meet some fun and exciting people!

I have been a member on AFF for 6months and have meet 4 guys close by me. I really enjoy this site. I meet a guy from Pendleton OR we had a great time I haven't had sex in 8yrs and I never thought I would get to again. Thanks you for a great site.

I came on here last march looking just to have fun, and explore different things. What I found was my other half. In October I am marrying the man of my dreams and I owe it all to your website. Thank you so very much.

I met this really great guy from AFF, WellHung712. We chated for a while, exchanging pictures and talking on the phone. We eventually set up a meeting. I was a little nervous at first, but he's a great guy, and it turns out that we have a great friendship. But because of the distance, the benefits are on hold. Too bad though, cause he was great in bed. Glad I tried AFF, and glad I met him.

thanks to aff, i finally meet my drem lover about 2 years ago and now we live together allready about 1 and half year, maybe still short to tell but you never know even maybe in the future our relatins failled then we know how to find the next one.........

THANKS AFF, I got a few winks and was then networked, As a standerd member I have to let u all know YOU ROCK, I am now having the BEST sex I have ever had and my network keeps getting bigger and better, as word spreads of me. THANKS

I met a guy on here almost 5 years ago and we have a deep monogamous relationship. He is a great guy and not at all the type you would think in the chatrooms. Go for it ladies!

I have been with AFF sience 1999 and had a very good time on it. With in that time I have met a few men that has give me everything I was looking for and then some. Now I am with a very Special man from here. He goes by the name scubaman56 we live almost 4 hours from one another. But he always makes time to come and see me. We are now look at a long life together. Thank's to AFF.

Hi everyone, am so happy because for years i had not had such good sex, but thanks to AFF i meet a guy who made me reach the clouds, he was just perfect although it did not last long i loved it.

Oh AFF it just gets better and better. I keep having to delete my profile because i get so many responses. But something just pulls me back. Had some really great sex and even one love affair that I didnt' bargain for! I've learnt so much and now i'm not that shy niave person I used to be. Still lots more to learn and many many men to enjoy. Thanks

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