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Hand Job Magic

by Emory Mellistos

Can you say self-pleasuring? You may think "self-pleasuring" is a girl-term, but why should girls have all the fun? Although men tend to do it more often, women do it with less guilt and more indulgence. In fact, whether in or out of a relationship, a good number of guys have never gone beyond "the quickie."

Maybe the first thing to get over is the sense of guilt, most likely implanted long ago and rooted in early fears of "getting caught." A good long session of masturbation is a healthy way to build and circulate sexual energy. And the recent study by Michael Leitzmann suggests regular ejaculation can ward off cancer. Its also a good way to learn some of the more subtle aspects of ones sexual workings. And in the long run, a slow, maximum-pleasure session of masturbation, while taking a few mental notes, will simply make a guy a better lover.

For those with partners, bringing the lady on board for the hand job is a great idea. Both partners can learn together. It will make foreplay richer. In relationships where the lady isnt always as interested in orgasm as the guy is, they can still have sexual fun together. He gets his release; she gets his body. For couples who want to keep the excitement in their relationship but have busy schedules or have young children, a nice hand job lunch-date can keep the bond tight.

So guys, ladies, here are some moves that will help make that hand job sensational.

1) Get the testosterone boiling with a ball rub. Though this is a preliminary that can be omitted in a time crunch, its a stress buster and it will get blood circulating -- the first ingredient of great sex. With the thumb and forefinger of each hand, grab the sac below the testicles and pull down, forcing the balls up toward the body. With free fingers, roll and pat the balls, lightly of course, for about three minutes.

2) Then get the blood to flow into the penis by stretching it. Grab it both at the head with one hand and at the base with the other. While holding the base firm, pull out on the head to stretch the shaft. Then pull it in the same manner towards the other four directions (up, down, left, right). After doing this for 2 or 3 minutes, give the penis a good shaking out. Now, youve got blood flowing.

3) Stroke with just the thumb up the centerline on the underside of the shaft and when you get to the ridge, right where the head begins, in that little indentation, make small circles with your index finger. Repeat this several times.

3) Now youre all primed for a few hand moves. Lube up first. Touch the thumb and forefinger together on each hand -- youre essentially forming two cock rings. Wrap the two rings at the middle of your/his cock, one right on top of the other. Now slide the upper ring upwards and the lower ring downwards. Go as far as you can go in each direction and start over. Repeat this move for a while and then move on.

4) You know how to press oranges over an orange juicer, twisting and pressing? Thats the motion you want to apply next. With one hand, hold firm to the base of any available cock, then place the cupped palm of your other hand over the head of the cock and twist, round and back again. Keep that motion up for a bit. Weehoo.

5) Next, hold firmly to the shaft as you massage all around the base of the cock. Then you can start stroking the shaft with one hand while pulling down on those sensitive balls with the other.

6) If you want to slow things down, do some light tapping all over the shaft and include the balls -- but go very gently there!

7) Now move to double capping. Smooth the cup of your palm over the penis head with one hand and slide straight down to the base. As soon as the first hand slides over the ledge of his mushroom, the second hand should be right there on top of the bulb again, following the first hand down to the base. When hand number one gets to the base, scramble it to the top so that there is little pause in the sensations to the head. And keep on going. This two-fisted relay down-jerk offers a lot of sensation. Yeeha.

8) As you move into a stroke and rhythm that starts the rest of the body squirming, press from time to time on the perineum, that soft spot between the butt hole and the balls. Press and stroke. With the non-stroking hand, alternate between that and holding his ball sac, gently. Fondle and stroke. Press and stroke.

9) Use two hands on either side of the cock, rubbing back and forth as if to say "goody!" while also sliding up and down the shaft. Like youre making bread sticks out of dough.

10) Men will know how to finish themselves off from here, but to their partners, as things wind up: maintain a steady rhythm, maintain plenty of lube, go up and down the full length of the shaft, and be sure to go over the head frequently but delicately -- that is the most sensitive spot. And while youre doing all this with one hand, have the other hand stroking him, on the belly, the pubis, the perineum, the chest, the nipples.

10 b) The alternative for partners who are new at this is for the owner of said cock to place his hand (or hands in case of the two-handed rub) over the partners, guiding the pressure and the rhythm.

11) A bird in the butt worth a stiffie in the bush for many men. If youre flying solo and havent tried it, give it a shot. You can better instruct your next lover about it when the time comes. Make sure theres plenty of lube on the finger. Start in circular motions around the anal opening. Move deeper only as the sphincter relaxes and its comfortable to do so. Some men love these added anal sensations when they come.

12) Repeat any of these as desired. Go back to earlier ones to slow things down. Or crank up 8-11 to speed things up. And bombs away.

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